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Since its founding in 1915, Yaskawa has delivered breakthrough innovations to help customers increase efficiency, improve quality, boost productivity and achieve outstanding ROI.

Leading the way in industrial robotics. Founded in 1989, Yaskawa Motoman is a leading industrial robotics company in the Americas. With more than 300,000 Motoman industrial robots, 10 million servos and 18 million inverter drives installed globally, Yaskawa provides automation products and solutions for virtually every industry and robotic application; including arc welding, assembly, coating, dispensing, material handling, material cutting, material removal, packaging, palletizing and spot welding.

Our product line includes more than 150 distinct industrial robotic arm models and a full-line of pre-engineered “World” solutions that are complete application-specific work cells, including robot, process and safety equipment.

STEM Robotics Solutions; Teach robotics programming using the same equipment deployed in factories around the world. Complete, modular STEM Platforms, available in material handling and welding models, are designed for education and training programs. Featuring standard industrial-grade components and comprehensive academic tools, STEM Robotics Platforms can be customized to fit curriculum and room layout. We also offer a compact industrial welding solution for hands-on education.

Simulate a fully functional production environment with MotoSim, a comprehensive software package that provides accurate 3D simulation of robot cells. With MotoSim Touch, students can toggle between a virtual programming pendant or a hardware pendant.

Virtual Tour of Motoman Miamisburg; Motoman Technical Education Center (MTEC), occupies 13,400 sq ft with 56 robots totally dedicated to training. All training is delivered by dedicated and certified instructors. Over 75 different training courses are offered for a wide range of Motoman® controllers including: MRC, XRC, JRC, NX100 and DX100. Training classes for each controller type include: Operators, Basic Programming, Advanced Programming, Ladder Logic and Maintenance.

All of our training courses and programs undergo a rigorous evaluation procedure and process which adheres to the American National Standards Institute/ International Association of Continuing Education and Training (ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard).